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What to know about me? I’m one of those persons you think remind you of someone. I often get the question if I’m related to somebody they know. Most of the time I’m not. I’m guess I’m just a very ordinary person.

Except I’m not. I was born with a mind that always wandered. A mind that made up stories to liven up the day. A mind that always wanted to learn something new. But you know, that’s not the Swedish way. I had to bottle my fantasy for many years.

Now is the time to release my creativity to the world.

If you’re wondering about my childhood I can tell you a little. My father was a carpenter and my mother a housewife. I’ve got three siblings. Two elder brothers and a younger sister. We grew up in i small town in the north of Sweden. The winters were long and the summers were short. I spent a lot of time at the playground and I really liked meeting new children. I was curious and open.

The years pasted and I didn’t quite fit in. I became quiet and turned into myself. The time in school wasn’t fun, but I endured it. I even got pretty good grades.

When I started High-school in another town school became fun. I hesitantly turned myself into the world again. But it was hard. School was easy, but growing up was hard.

The year after High-school I started at the university. I decided that I wanted to be a chemist. That meant that I had to studie science and technology for a year. That year I met my husband to be and I realized that I didn’t really want to be a chemist.


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